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On the way to Kastro, perched on a rocky slope, Petra and Fos blends harmoniously with the Sifnian landscape while reflecting the traditional Cycladic architectural style. The apartment complex is just a 10-minute walk from the centre of picturesque Kastro and a 5-minute drive from the capital, Apollonia. The bus stop is just 250 meters from the resort.

Surrounding area of Petra and Fos

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  • Kastro: 1,3km
  • Seralia (beach): 1,4km
  • Apollonia: 2,3km
  • Kamares (port): 7,5km
  • Artemonas: 3,1km

A beautiful settlement

Kastro in Sifnos

Kastro is one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas in Sifnos. As the Greek name of the settlement indicates, it served as a fortress and the first capital of the island in the past. Nowadays, Kastro is a lively picturesque settlement where local residents have preserved its traditional style featuring wooden balconies, paved arcades and narrow alleys. You can wander through the beautiful alleys of Kastro, admire the ancient walls that surround it, or admire the panoramic view over the blue Aegean Sea from the charming Chapel of the 7 Martyrs.

Another point of interest is the Archaeological Museum of Sifnos, also located in Kastro. There are tavernas, café-bars offering signature cocktails, and a few shops in the area.

You can swim on the beach of Seralia, which combines sand and pebbles, while the more adventurous can dive in the sea from the rocks of the 7 Martyrs' Chapel.

The village Kastro in Sifnos
The village Kastro in Sifnos
The village Kastro in Sifnos
The village Kastro in Sifnos