Approaching the village Kastro, you' ll find the apartment complex “Petra & Fos” “sitting” on the rock. These new apartments-studios are built according to the traditional Cycladic architecture. They were named after the impressive local mineral, the Sifnian Stone, of which they are built, and the ample sunlight that bathes this particular spot.

Simple, economical and hospitable, the complex “Petra & Fos” will offer you moments of comfort and relaxation. The Studios are located just 10 minutes away (by feet) from the center of the picturesque Kastro and can be the starting point for your excursions throughout the entire island of Sifnos. The local bus stop is 250 meters from the complex.

“Στον πιο ελαφρύ κυματισμό του ένα νησί λικνίζει τον ερχομό.”

Οδυσσέας Ελύτης

Petra kai Fos Studios | Sifnos