Kastro is one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of Sifnos. As the village's own name states, it used to be the fort and the first capital of the island. Nowadays, Kastro is inhabited by residents, that have managed to maintain the picturesque landscape with the wooden balconies, the tiled arcades and the narrow alleys. Make the best of your stay at the village, visiting Kastro through its beautiful alleys, to admire the walls of the fort that are still retained and also the spectacular view of the dark-blue Aegean.

Do not miss a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Sifnos, located in the area, but also to the scattered picturesque small churches of the village. In Kastro, you will find taverns and café- bars, where you can experience wonderful moments,capturing the insurmountable images that the landscape offers you.

Sifnos is a beautiful, hospitable and safe island, suitable for every type of holiday. Nature has endowed Sifnos with wonderful, shallow beaches with crystal clear water. Lots of these, have been awarded a Blue Flag by the European Union.As for the entertainment, life never stops on this island: from beach bars, café, traditional taverns serving delicious local dishes to the nightlife in bars and clubs.

Useful telephone numbers:

Greece long-distance telephone number:+0030
Municipality of Sifnos: 22840-31345,31110,32388
Police Station: 22840-31210
Port Authority: 22840-33617
Regional Medical Center: 22840-31315
Post: 22840-31329

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